Mandy Peffers BSc, Mphil, PhD, BVetMed

University of Liverpool


After a degree in Animal Science at the University of Leeds, Dr. Peffers undertook her veterinary degree at The Royal Veterinary College, University of London and qualified as a veterinarian in 1995. She then spent 11 years in industry and private practice before going back to do a PhD supported by the Wellcome Trust. She first undertook a one-year Wellcome Trust Veterinary Research Entry Fellowship before becoming an Wellcome Trust Integrated Veterinary Training Fellow. The first three years of funding were for a PhD entitle Proteomic and transcriptomic signatures of cartilage ageing and diesaese. The next three years of the fellowship were in a post doctoral role in which she studied a ‘A Systems Biology Approach to Musculoskeletal Ageing’. Dr. Peffers is currently a Wellcome Trust Clinical Intermediate Fellow studying ‘The role of small nucleolar RNAs in cartilage ageing and disease’.