Stephen Messier PhD

Wake Forest University


Dr. Messier is Professor and Director of the J.B Snow Biomechanics Laboratory at Wake Forest University. He has been at Wake Forest for 34 years and has 26 years of experience in clinical trials research specifically related to knee osteoarthritis. He has published 84 original manuscripts including 20 over the past 5 years. He and his OA research team are well known for their work on the effects of exercise and weight loss on gait, strength, function, and pain in knee OA. Dr. Messier is on the Board of Directors for the Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI), the leading scientific organization devoted exclusively to osteoarthritis. He has also received the Career Achievement Award from the Biomechanics Interest Group of the American College of Sports Medicine. He is on the Editorial Board of numerous scientific journals and is also chair of non-pharmacologic interventions for the OARSI Clinical Guidelines Committee and chair of the OARSI Fiscal Committee.